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    Same-day appointments are available to get you back on the road to healthy hearing

    If you or your loved ones have difficulties hearing, let Dr. Lesly Loiseau, Au.D. help you hear the beautiful sounds of life. Call us today to schedule an immediate appointment.




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Trust in our experience

Dr. Loiseau has been practicing for 24 years and his experience dates back to his days of military service. He has helped hundreds of active duty military personnel and retirees regain their hearing.

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  • Audiology - Personal listening devices, TV listening systems, hearing-aid compatible telephones, cell phones, and tinnitus treatment.
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Do you have trouble maintaining a conversation?

Do you find yourself frequently asking others to repeat themselves? There have been many technical advancements in hearing aid treatment that can help reconnect you with the world. Call Spokane Audiology Clinic, Inc. today to schedule your appointment or stop by 801 W 5th Suite 421.

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